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for Trauma and Revival

Artists: Vera Barkalova, Ekaterina Kovalenko

Corporeality is a direct reflection of a person's thoughts, as the attitude toward the body in culture is a trigger for moods in society. Inheriting the memory of a trauma, each next generation tries to reborn in a new body.

Cultural interaction and opposition of the West and East continue – The development of artistic and ethical values is nonlinear and these values are not parallel one to the other. The liberation and expansion of views, the adoption of one's own body and the release of obsolete patterns from one hand are perceived as corruption, perversion and unnecessary problems from the other.

These two confrontations do not produce harmony and balance, but they only mutate into an even more exaggerated conflict of worldview. People do not want to see all the points of view or be in someone else's position, they do not want to see the events with their own eyes, being satisfied with propaganda and mass information. What we are talking about is a simple statement of facts and concerns all parties, without distinction between the East or the West. Using the symbols of our time, we set ourselves the task of analyzing what is happening "here and now." Distorted objects are an experience that is accessible to viewers.

Artists can try to reconcile or sharpen some contradictions; we just want to show the very fact of the interaction of these components through the prism of our creativity.

The images we show are hypertrophied and realistic at the same time, allegorical and literal; they are the essence and private choice of the artist.

The installation is made up of different media - audio, sculpture, photo and objects. 

This project took place within the project "Trauma and Revival" run by BOZAR and its partner, with support by Creative Europe

16   /   05   /   2017

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