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wet wipes

09-10  /   10  /   2020

Artists: Axinya and Nika Sarycheva

The 18:22 group was formed by Axinya and Nika Sarycheva in 1999—the year when the younger of them was born. It operates on the principle of clanism, kinship, autonomy, femininity and has been actively operating since 2018.

Once, in the third grade, when Nika was ill again, her nose was breathing poorly.
She named one nostril - 18, the other - 22, according to the degree of their congestion. The group's area of focus is on sisterhood, childhood, blood circulation, on something that is very painful and personal, pleasant and sweet, the most important and difficult.

“Why are we together? - Because it happened so historically. You need to understand what is in between us, between them, between us all. Through the body, someone else's bodies, private spaces, breaking boundaries, drawing closer, moving away. It is important to undestand, what in our work, is from nature and from fate — realized through nepotism and consanguinity, and what is from a social and human connection that does not arise, being appointed from the outside, but is created by ourselves. Time is just as important, kinship dictates a long experience of living and working together - how does this affect our attitude and our projects? ”

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