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17  /   05  /   2019

Artists: Group of artists from Art Department of Higher School of Economics


18 artists invade a place – they overtake a flat, a private environment in a historic house built for government officials and the city´s elite, occupy the living space and most important – transform a place meant to be mostly representative into an epicentre of artistic power.

The group has not been selected by a curator, it is a class at the art department of the Higher School of Economics, a university reaching out to involving the arts and human science.

You might wonder what an artist is doing at the Higher School of Economics, you might wonder what today’s young generation is wondering about, what is their topics, their artistic interests, their approach to contemporary art, their artistic practice.

What is the idea of this exhibition? – it is about overtaking a place, but more importantly showing a generation that will earlier overtake everything, not only a little flat in an old house.

The new generation of artists is our all future, we will certainly leave behind a lot, may destroy some of what seemed to be untouchable and will remind what has been forgotten, but what is sure we will create their own world.

This project is not so much about giving a chance to young artists to be shown, but it is giving elderly guys a chance to see what matters, giving you an insight in the minds and the individual artistic practice of each of the artists.

Some works might be provocative, others introvert, some might be loud and others silent.

At the end, it is more invading your mind but invading the 90 square meters of an old flat.

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