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Time. Careful, Fragile!!!

12   /   04   /   2013

Artist: Evgeniya Kokoreva

The artist’s previous project “Overcoming” explored historical facts and the current situation of the Jewish people.

The project “TIME. Made in Russia” by Evgeniya Kokoreva begins with: “Time. Careful, Fragile!!!”. The aim of this complex structured project is to investigate the hypostasis of time and to determine its results. The project is multi – lingual: it communicates with pictograms, symbols and formulas, letters of different languages, referring to humanity as a whole and the individual.

The entrance features an object titled “Time Cube”, which acts as a symbol for the human desire to understand the age-old question of the value of life and death. “Time Cube”, like the pause sign, sets the pace of movement through the project.

Quartet for the End of Time by Messiaen, the poetic legacy of the silver era, the spiritual insight of the Renaissance, the revelations of an ancient artist, fixed in the eternity of human time, as well as the masters of today, are all fragments of the global jigsaw.

The central part of the project is an almost 6 foot "Table of Time, made in the form of a grandiose scroll." This ties together the “Table of Time” with the painterly quartet group “ At the end of Time”, and the series of graphic works “Thoughts”, whose task it is to fix the glossary of definitions and terms used by the artist with the thoroughness of the museum manager or compiler of the dictionary. The artistic function of the “Small Scroll” is to be a thought stop in the artist’s process to the bold expression of the “Table of Time”.

The backdrop for the project is one of the colour matrices of the Great Union, creative sources, thought out figurative forms, and therefore the material world. These forms fill the consciousness of the viewer with their meaning and essence.

The last piece in the exhibition is the “Window to Eternity”, which, according to Evgeniya Kokoreva is the “beginning of the end”, the point of no return in the unbroken cycle of Birth and Death.


The epilogue of the project, much as the beginning of the world, is the word. It features lines from Marina Tsvetaeva’s “Poem of The End”.

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