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we know it's going to happen but..

29   /   01   /   2020 -
19  /    02  /    2020

Curator: Maxim Parfenchikov


Artists: Anna Pavlova, Natalya Berezina, Alexey Leontyev, Alexander Olkhovsky, Nastya Zhegal, Polina Elster , Alexey Kokhanov , Konstantin Grebnev, Elizaveta Karamanova, Lev Nikitin, PolinaSurovova, IRMAST Group  etc.



Global changes in the cultural code at the beginning of the new millennium have led to the abolition of many taboos that regulate aesthetic and ethical standards of relations between people. Habitual concepts change their meaning or completely lose relevance and significance. Eroticism, as a phenomenon of the sexual experience of aesthetics, which is based on anticipation and alluring, is transformed into something completely new in terms of perception and representation.


Our exhibition presents a study of the possibilities of reconstruction ofsensual plasticity in the course of changing motivation for intimate behavior. The subjective view of young artists on the phenomenon of eroticism in the current socio-cultural context reflects the correlationbetween aesthetics and physiology, the problems of objectification of feelings and exploitation of physicality, gender and feminism, queer theory, as well as erotic things and delegated pleasure. 

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